Enterprise Correspondence Management System

Tarasol CMS streamlines official correspondences along with all their related tasks inside the organization. Through an ad-hoc workflow approach, Tarasol handles the complete life cycle of inbound, outbound and internal correspondences promoting productivity-driven, paperless environment.

Tarasol offers a range of features that serve various needs of digital transformation journey

Correspondence Registration

Capturing correspondences from all sources and generating automatic code. Classifying correspondence priority, confidentiality, and more. Linking related correspondences easily

Task Management

Efficient task assignment for all correspondence-related tasks inside the organization with instant notifications and reminders and effective task follow up

Advanced Search

Quick and easy information retrieval for current and archived correspondences through advanced search capabilities with a wide range of detailed filters

Hierarchy and roles

Define and maintain organization hierarchy and user roles to reflect actual roles and reporting relationships in the process and govern access rights.


Users’ ability to delegate other users to act on their behalf for correspondence related directives and tasks for a defined period of time

Reports & Dashboards

o Dashboards and reports which deliver insights for performance and work in progress and serves reporting needs for different users in the organization

Over 5 Years of experience serving enterprise Customers

Tarasol is designed to serve our customers around the globe catering for their sophisticated requirements making sure that tarasol is a quick and easy solution for big problem they have


Multilingual support

Tarasol supports multiple languages in both right to left and left to right

Rapid Deployment

Tarasol Implementation is very straight forward with minimal IT overheads

Flexible customization

Tarasol comes with easy to use Admin interface to easily fit custom needs


Multiple integration connectors for email, Active Directory &different DMS systems

Challenges of Paper-based correspondence handling

Tarasol help our Customers Capture true business value


Never miss a correspondence deadline and stay in control of correspondence status and progress

Privacy and security
Privacy and security

Guarantee protection of correspondences access rights and confidentiality

Process optimization
Process optimization

Achieve a flexible yet effective ad-hoc process throughout correspondence life cycle

Enhanced collaboration
Enhanced collaboration

Enjoy enhanced employee and team productivity to carry out correspondence-related tasks

Visibility and insights
Visibility and insights

Stay on top of the process through obtaining performance and process insights